HUGSI for Research

We are now launching a new program, HUGSI for Research, where we will share our full data set with researchers in need of urban green space data. The data can be used in any non-commercial research connected to a recognized academic organization or other non-profit research organization.

Are you a researcher in need of consistent, objective and timely urban green space data that can be used to track development and compare cities globally? In that case HUGSI for Research is an opportunity that you should consider using in your research.

We are happy to share and eager to support new research initiatives that help us telling the story about the value of green space and how urban green space contribute to the living conditions for humans, animals and all other living things in urban environments.

Who can request data?
Any named researcher part of a recognized academic- or other non-profit research organization. To access the data, you need an AWS-account for Amazon Data Exchange.

What does the data package contain?
What researchers will gain access to is information about land use (grey area, water, vegetation trees / grass), health and vitality of the vegetation and the distribution of vegetation over the city compiled for two consecutive years, right now 2019 vs. 2018.

  • City level Green KPI scoring
  • Hexagon level analytics (width 250m)
  • Pixel level green data (width 10m)
  • Data dictionary, to understand how to user and interpret the data
  • The HUGSI Methodology Whitepaper, to understand how the data was collected and the KPI’s calculated

Can I learn more about your methodology, how is the HUGSI data set produced?
Yes, our methodology and ways of working is open and for you to be able to use the data in your research we understand the importance of a strict and reproducible methodology. To prepare for receiving the material we suggest that you view our webinar on the Methodology behind HUGSI and read through our Methodology Whitepaper.

What are we asking for in return?
When HUGSI data set is used in the research you need to accredit us by referring to and Overstory in any publication presenting the research and results. Produce and share a popular article on your subject that present your findings and research with a link to the full research article or publication that we can add to Also, a good way for you to get publicity for your great work.

Application form

You understand that when you click on submit, Husqvarna AB (publ.) and its affiliate companies will use your personal data to respond to you. During the application and following research phase we will be contacting you on a regular basis. We will always use your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Notice. You will find more information about how we process your data, who we may share it with, what rights you have and further contact details to us in the Privacy Notice. You can withdraw your consent to our newsletter at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button in any communication you receive from us or by contacting us as set out in the Privacy Notice.

Apply for your 3 cities

HUGSI for research is a collaboration between HUGSI (Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index) and Overstory.

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So how to make it happen?

  1. Select the city/cities to apply for. You can only choose from cities part of the HUGSI index
  2. Register an AWS account to access the data in Amazon Data Exchange
  3. Send in your application using the form below

What happens after you submit the form?
After you submit the form, we will assess your application and make sure you qualify for access.  

Access to the data will be granted within 30 days, given that your application was approved!